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Our Conservation Programs

Over the years, we have had a strong belief in looking after the land which looks after us. To that end we have embarked on a host of strategies which focus on conserving water run-off, eliminating soil erosion, reducing weed encroachment and enhancing the native biodiversity.

Our rotation grazing management is the key to managing livestock in a manner which actually improves the landscape, rather than degrading it. The system was originally developed by Allan Savoury, using Holistic Management techniques and essentially uses electric fencing and placement of water pipes and troughs to mimic nature and herding to provide pastures with adequate rest and recovery to thrive.


The waterways are the lifeblood of the farm, and when we allowed cattle constant access to them in the past, we found that they were causing erosion, compaction and overgrazing. After studying Peter Andrews’ natural sequence farming methods, we decided to remove stock from as much of the creeks as possible and (using rocks and logs from the farm) create a ‘chain of ponds’ which is beginning the process of rehydrating and regenerating the waterways and the landscape.


In 2014, we signed up to a Federal government Landcare program known as “Enrich”. Our Regional Natural Resource Managemnt Group, Condamine Alliance assisted us in developing three, 8-acre sites on the farm which (to date) has planted over 4,000 native trees, shrubs and grasses.


These areas were carefully selected to provide important productive and conservation benefits by enhancing the native biodiversity, creating shelter belts and providing native corridors for local endangered wildlife. 

As part of the Enrich program, a wildlife expert Greg Ford ( completed a three day survey of the property in March 2015. He compiled an impressive list flora and fauna findings which is available HERE




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